Tuesday, December 28, 2010

our prez

all politicians are evil...yadda, yadda. in many cases i'm sure that's true. but the thing i love about the obama presidency is that it's exciting, and it makes me pay attention to my government for nearly the first time in my life. how amazing for the obama's too, to have this time in their family history cataloged so beautifully, miniscule reimbursement for constantly being watched.

photos taken by pete souza and found on facebook. i particularly love the one of michelle and barrack pretending to sing (as it's caption noted) with an a cappella group. you'd want them at your dinner party, am i right?


Jess said...

Great photos...they remind me a lot of photos from the Kennedy administration. And I agree, all politics aside, I think the Obamas, as well as GW actually, would be fun party guests. But they have to bring that darling dog with them!

Natalie Schaefer said...

now THAT would be a party!