Thursday, July 7, 2011

national parks: america's best idea

if you haven't seen ken burn's national parks series, you should really do something about it. i'm not kidding you, episode 5 made me cry it was so good. episode 1 made me plan a road trip down the west coast on hwy 101. who knows what the rest will bring, i might even give camping another shot (i really love NOT camping). so much history of america that i didn't know about and the people who worked so hard to make it possible for us all to enjoy.

"you can learn from the teachings within this quietness. some people teach by talking... but i think it is important that you are taught by silence." -Chiura Obata

"these are the places where americans encounter who they are, and are home." -Carl Pope

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trygsgal said...

I DVR'ed this to watch on a rainy day -- thanks for the review!