Thursday, April 28, 2011

lan su chinese garden

we went to lan su last weekend on the most beautiful, sunny spring day. and as J said, "it was fucking magic." a seriously amazing place so well designed that it hurt my head to think about the planning that went into it. we stopped at the tea house on our way out and celebrated easter a day early with our marble tea egg and view overlooking the gardens. i kinda want to live there. and on top of that, our friend mette designed the lovely identity, bonus!


Jess said...

Isn't this place great? Anna and I checked it out over Chinese New Year a couple years ago. Magical is right!

Ape said...

i've heard that place is the bees knees. a must go for august?

Scott said...

Thanks for coming by, we're glad you enjoyed it. Mette did a spectacular job on the visitor guide in addition to all the branding.