Friday, January 28, 2011


kate took us on a trek to Japan yesterday (or Beaverton) to Uwajimaya, an asian grocery store that could suck hours of your day away (in a good way). AND, they have a bookstore in the back...sweet fancy moses! i liked the illustrations on these beer bottles and the chicken on the bouillon.


Hi.d said...

wow so jealous this was one of my most favorites in seattle. I found THE BEST pens/penquills there that I still use. when are you coming back for a visit???

Natalie Schaefer said...

i'll need your advice on pens next time i go, i couldn't decide which i liked best so i just stuck to buying sketchbooks. funny bc while i was there i thought "what would heidi do?"

Jess said...

Such a fun excursion! So glad that we had this little field trip. My favorite souvenir is my bag of Cock brand tapioca balls (for bubble tea, of course).